Sunday, June 19, 2005

Base 1 Continues

Just after I raced for the first two times ever---back in May---I decided to restart my training program. I had ridden hard from early January to the end of May and needed a break and a new direction. The two top 5 finishes I scored were good, no doubt, but I realized I had some serious weaknesses to address.

Weakness number 1 is of course endurance. Cycling is a hugely demanding sport that requires years of training in order to establish an adequate base of fitness. A base I don't really have yet.

Muscle strength is easy to develop. Aerobic strength (and endurance) takes miles and miles and miles of riding to establish and build upon. Good, steady Zone 1 and Zone 2 riding that can't be rushed or skipped if good race results are desired.

Since I'm so busy with work and girlfriend, I had rushed through my base miles earlier in the year. This became quite apparent in the road race in May. By the last lap, miles 24-30, I was pretty wasted---and lucky for me I made the break of six on lap 4 or I could have finished much lower than fifth, that's for sure.

Soooo, I'm now nearing the end of Base period 1, week 2. Yesterday I rode 75 miles in four hours with an average heart rate around 140 with steady periods between 150 and 160. Firmly in Zones 1 and 2. Today the group ride from Heine Brothers Coffee should be a bit harder but still really benefit my base endurance.

Bike races are won by those with the biggest engines. Mine is still a four cylinder.