Thursday, June 30, 2005

Six Month Progress

June is now just a few hours from being over. In the past six months, I've been training very hard in preparation for next season's full racing schedule. Day in and day out, I've been riding like crazy. 40 degrees or 95 degrees, I've been in the saddle.

I rode 950 miles in June, up from 860 in May. For the year so far, I've ridden 3265.

For a little perspective, consider that my total mileage for the entire year of 2004 was just 2633. I've ridden 600 miles more than that in half the time.

And in a related note, I'll consider my first Base month of this training period to be a complete success---I feel stronger and more capable on the bike than ever, even when it's 95 degrees with 60% humidity. Hopefully I can keep this trend going.