Sunday, July 10, 2005

Weight A Minute

Taking a cue from Fat Cyclist, I'll take this moment in blog history to discuss my weight problem.

The problem is, I'm still losing weight.

At the end of January, I was a hefty 168 or so. That's pretty significant considering I'm 5'11" on a good day. Today, after finishing the Sunday group ride (and hitting my max heart rate of 194 TWICE), I was down to 152. I'm naturally thin, but I don't want to look like Kate Moss, you know?

152 is hardly anorexic, I know, but too much more weight loss and I'll start losing speed on the flats---and crit racing may be right out. Compared to the monsters that race around this region, the "Rugby Racers" as I like to secretly call them under my breath while shamelessly sucking their wheels every chance I get, I might as well be Marco Pantani. Before the coke, of course.

There's just not enough climbing around here to justify the kind of weight loss I've had. Below 150, I won't be able to hang with the flat group rides and their murderous 30 mile-an-hour pace lines that are so popular here in Louisville.

The solution? Start eating. I already eat at least 2700 calories a day, and clearly that isn't cutting it with this heat. Time to up the ante. Maybe I'll stop ridiculing all the walruses who choke down those "Super Beef And Bacon Monster Gigantic Thick Burgers" at Wendy's or Hardee's or wherever the hell they are---and have a few for myself!