Wednesday, August 03, 2005

World Cup Results

I did the Tuesday group ride as planned, and honestly couldn't have asked for a better ride. The pace was outlandish as always, the turnout solid and the weather tolerable. I finished firmly in the lead group, somewhere in the top 12 or so.

At one point a gap formed on the section of River Road that resembles an airport runway, and I made a valiant effort to bridge it---dragging the group of slackers behind me at something like 32 miles per hour into a headwind. The bridge was successful, but I nearly blew up in the process. Luckily the pace slowed a bit and I was able to recover. Once I got my heart rate down and feeling back into my legs, the rest of the ride was cake. I felt strong, fast and capable.

The ride, by the numbers:

Total Distance: 25 miles
Average Speed: 24 miles per hour
Top Speed: 41.31 miles per hour
Average Heart Rate: 170 beats per minute
Maximum Heart Rate: 198 beats per minute
Full Water Bottles Consumed: 2
Gaps bridged: 1

Now back to solo training until Sunday, when I lay waste to everyone else on the group ride---hopefully.