Monday, January 16, 2006

He Is Strong, I Am Weak

This is Eoin O'Donnell. You pronounce his name "Owen", or "Crazy", which is also appropriate.

Eoin spends hours a day riding a stationary bike in the basement gym called Crunch in Chicago. He rides more than 100 miles a day at 25 miles per hour, taking only five minute breaks after each of those hours.

He has yet to race anywhere, but has more dedication and discipline (and pain tolerance) than just about any racer out there. He is my hero.

It's no secret that I hate the trainer---HATE IT. Riding inside is the worst thing ever, in my mind, and so naturally I slack off until the weather improves and then go ride outside. Usually that means I miss three to four days a week when I should be training. I'll never be successful like that.

Eoin has reminded me that I am weak and don't deserve to race if I don't suffer for it. Thank you, Eoin. Thanks a lot.