Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm Afraid Of Needles

So this whole Spanish doping scandal is getting out of control. Everybody and their mother has been implicated now, including Jan Ullrich and even Tyler Hamilton, who seems less and less credible every time some new info on his blood doping case hits the papers.

The latest reports from CyclingNews are depressing, to say the least. I mean, it's no secret that just about every pro cyclist in the ProTour is a doper, but the full scope of the cheating is becoming mind-blowing.

On one hand it's sad because I'm coming to realize that most of my cycling idols are doped to the gills. But on the other hand it's extremely reassuring---I don't suck so bad after all. I look at races like the Tour de France and know that I could never perform at that level, ever. Now it's more clear than ever that the pros can't do it either, at least not with a little "help".

The good news is that neither Tom Boonen nor Ivan Basso have been implicated at all in the Spanish scandal. I guess they found an outside supplier. Good thinkin'.