Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another Grim Reminder

Cycling is a dangerous sport, and not just when riding at high speeds on light bikes next to dozens of other racers desperate for victory. Sometimes casual group rides can turn tragic.

On Sunday a driver, suspected of alcohol and drug intoxication, plowed into a group of ten Cincinnati cyclists out on a casual group ride. Two were killed and the suspect now faces two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide (and hopefully also DUI).

This is yet another reminder of the risks involved for all cyclists, not just the racers. Whenever I hear drivers complain about unruly cyclists, I always shake my head---sure, cyclists can be negligent and stupid, but what poses more danger? A 16 pound bike or a 3500 pound car?

My thoughts are with the friends and families of Amy Gehring and Terry Walker, the riders killed in Sunday's crash. To everyone else who rides, keep your head up and ride safe, always.