Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Winding Down

I'm seriously considering making this weekend's crit in Madison, IN the final race of the season for me. I may do one or two more, but they will be purely for "fun". Madison will be the last one where I'll try hard for a good result.

We've been racing since late February, nearly five full months, and by the end of July I will probably have done 15 or more races. That's a lot of racing, especially for someone who just got into it this year. To be honest, with the summer heat and the months of hard training already under my belt, I'm about worn out.

I'm looking forward to easier rides and work in the gym starting in September. Then in mid-November, I restart my base period with tons of 4+ hour rides in the small chainring. Hopefully we'll have another mild winter, but who knows? What with this global warming crap, you never can be sure.

But, that said, the only thing I hate more than riding in 30 degree weather is riding the trainer inside. If I have to freeze my balls off, so be it. Considering how big they are, the loss of weight will probably make me a better climber.

Who am I kidding?