Saturday, July 02, 2005

Dave Z Takes The TT

In stunning fashion, American time trial specialist Dave Zabriskie won the opening stage of the Tour de France today, beating The Boss by just two seconds but effectively crushing the rest of the field. Also of note, Armstrong passed Ullrich about 5km from the finish. Passed him! In a time trial! Phil Liggett said during OLN's coverage this afternoon that Ullrich has never been passed by anyone in a time trial before. Holy crap!

But, back to Zabriskie.

courtesy AFP

Dave Zabriskie has been one of my favorite riders ever since last year's Vuelta, when he went on a huuuuge solo breakaway during stage 11 and ultimately held on for the win. After winning the stage, he was asked what exactly was going through his head while out on the road alone for so long. His response? That he was singing a line from a Guns N Roses song over and over...You can't catch me....

Zabriskie is known for his strange sense of humor and quiet demeanor. A man of few words, when asked for a statement by CyclingNews after winning the stage 8 time trial in this year's Giro, Zabriskie said only "Rock and roll, dude." That's my kind of guy.

One final note; Zabriskie's aptly-named web site,, is thin on content but high on laughs. Of particular interest are his "One Question Interviews" with various other pros in the peloton during races. In one of them, Zabriskie asks Charlie Wegelius of the Liquigas Team if he's ever actually had "liquigas".

I hope Dave Z holds onto the Yellow for at least a couple of days---he deserves it. interviews with Zabriskie:
December 2004
June 2005