Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Form Returns!

All those complaints about poor form, high heart rates and constricted lungs can be forgotten. Yesterday I had one of my very best rides EVER, by far.

My long, 72-mile day included the standard Tuesday Night Worlds group ride, which featured one serious early breakaway attempt by me and my riding pal Eric of the Barbasol team. I didn't have the gas he had, but we were in front for a short, fast little stretch. Doomed to failure but fun nonetheless.

I felt strong the entire ride and had a great finish, in or very near the top 5. I picked the right wheel to follow in the finale and was able to hold my good position across the imaginary finish line in front of Cycler's Cafe.

It's so good to feel strong again. Apparently the recent heat wave had been causing me all that grief. Today it was much cooler and less humid, and it made a huge difference.

By the numbers:
Total Distance: 72.5 miles
Total Ride Time: 3:37:19
Average Speed: 20.02 miles per hour
Maximum Speed: 39.79 miles per hour

Averaging 20 miles an hour over 72 miles and 3 and a half hours is no small feat, especially considering the numerous climbs and rollers along my standard training routes. I'm pretty proud of myself.