Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Late Season

PezCyclingNews offers some really good late-season training advice.

It may be the slow-down part of the season now, and I may have only raced twice this year, but I feel strong and very confident that my training has paid off. Next season I should see some really impressive results when I start racing on a regular basis.

Next year's two main goals are to win the regional Kentuckiana Spring Classics Series in Cat 5 and upgrade to Category 4 as quickly as possible. Hopefully I'll win a couple of races here and there, but winning is not totally necessary to meet my goals.

I've got an intense August of training, and then the wind-down begins as I focus on maintenance and base conditioning. Then a build-up again in January and February toward a busy March of hard racing---and a bunch of top 5 finishes, I hope.

Wish me luck.