Monday, March 27, 2006

Photo Report: Clark State Forest

Once again, my darling friend Audrey Harrod agreed to waste her time taking pictures of guys in tights riding in the cold this past weekend at Clark State Forest. Below are five shots from the 3/4 race. The first three show the pack just past the hard left turn near the start/finish, the fourth shows the two guys in the break, including the winner Bill Eisner of the Barbasol team, and the last photo shows the pack sprint for third place.

For more, please visit Audrey's site,, and remember that these photos are her work, so credit her accordingly if you post them elsewhere.

all courtesy of Audrey Harrod

I'm in the second and third photos (I wonder who I'm yelling at in the third one), as these were taken prior to my acrobatic trip over the bars in a crash. Despite that, the race was definitely fun for me. And very photogenic, too.