Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Crazy Fast

I normally ride a 12-25 cassette in the back, simply because I'm no sprinter and rarely do I ever need to go 40 miles an hour. My biggest gear, therefore, is 53x12, which really is no small gear.

Last night during the weekly Worlds group ride, I spun out my 53x12 several times, and found myself unable to keep up with the leaders not because I didn't have the legs, but because I didn't have the gears. When you've spun out your biggest gear on flat ground and still get dropped, you know the pace is pretty fast.

The Worlds rides are always the fastest around, but this year they're faster than ever. The guys here in town on the biggest teams are riding harder than I've ever seen them ride before, and the rest of the racers (the vast majority of us) are trying desperately to keep up. It's no small task.

Regardless of the challenge, the ride is always good training. Now I think I'll go order an 11-23 cassette just to keep up!