Monday, April 17, 2006

Masters, Juniors, All Better Than Me

Today I got out for two and a half hours for a steady training ride just to get some more miles in. I hooked up with two Papa John's guys, Glenn and Bobrow, for a nice cruise through the parks. A little while later, after they split and headed home, I met up with Andrew of the Trinity team and Rob of Texas Roadhouse. So in the span of two hours, I rode with guys 20 years older than me and guys 10 years younger than me.

The racing community here in Louisville spans several generations. On one side you've got the older, experienced former pros and amateur champions, and on the other side you have the ridiculously young, ridiculously talented up-and-comers already putting everyone else in the proverbial hurt locker on every training ride.

Sadly, they're all way better than me, and at 27 I'm supposedly at or near my physical peak. That's pretty depressing.

But I can learn a lot from both the old farts and the young wippersnappers, so I guess I shouldn't complain. Maybe all their talent and experience will rub off on me---I cling desperately to that delusion...