Thursday, July 20, 2006

Landis The Winner....WTF?!

One day after sucking harder than he's ever sucked before, Floyd Landis regained his legs and crushed the field on the final Alpine stage of the Tour de France, finishing nearly six minutes ahead of second place Carlos Sastre.

Photo courtesy of AFP

Landis nearly reclaimed his entire deficit to the race leader Oscar Pereiro, and now sits just thirty seconds behind as the final time trial nears. It's no secret that Landis is one of the very best time trialists in this race, so once again the race looks to be his to lose.

All I have to say is how does a man who completely cracks in the mountains one day come back to win by six minutes the very next? With all the drug scandals and rumors floating around, I just wonder if Landis really should have been so bold today. I guess it just doesn't matter if you're racing for the maillot jaune.

Regardless, good luck to him. One thing is for sure in this race now---I'm done trying to make predictions!