Monday, July 25, 2005

Just Skinny Guys In Tights, Right?

From VeloNews:

Many Americans have trouble deciphering the Tour's stage format, most not paying enough attention to understand the time gains mountainous stages can bring and the reasons behind teamwork and allowing rivals to win other stages.

Kansas City Star columnist Joe Posnanski admitted: "I don't understand how any of this works. I've been following the Tour de France since Armstrong started winning and I still don't get it. Stages? Time trials? And I'm not the only one who is mystified. Last week, a man called to ask if 'Armstrong had caught that guy Pyrénées for the lead.' I had to say, 'Uh, Pyrénées is not a person. It's a mountain range.' To which he replied: 'Oh, so he did catch him?'"

Posnanski later noted: "Hey, stupid people should be allowed to enjoy the Tour de France, too."

Wait, he's been following the Tour for SEVEN YEARS and he still doesn't "understand how any of this works"? Pay attention, douche bag. It's not that complicated. Just because some high school dropout isn't throwing a ball around or slamming into another future heart bypass recipient doesn't mean that cycling is above your mental abilities to comprehend. The guy with the lowest overall time wins. You can understand why a lower score is important in golf, right? And understand that the overall winner of a tournament doesn't have to win any of the rounds in order to claim victory, right? Then quit acting like a moron!

Sigh. Just more evidence that once Armstrong is gone, so too will be cycling from the eye of the American public---and American TV sponsors.