Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Oh Yeah, The Tour's Still On...

I've been posting less about the Tour de France lately because, frankly, it has become all too boring. Lance pretty much has it wrapped up, though with only one stage win---likely the final time trial. To make it all the more dull, two other Discovery Channel riders have won stages. George Hincapie and Paolo Savoldelli have both triumphed in long breakaways allowed to escape by Lance himself. Don't get me wrong, any time I get to watch George Hincapie win anything, I get happy like a kid on Christmas.

BUT, seven years is a long time. It's cool that one man has been so dominant and so controlling to actually create his own era, but after a while it just seems unnecessary. Did he really have to win one more? It's unlikely enough that there will be another five-time winner in the next twenty years, let alone six wins in a row.

Oh well. Good for Lance and great for the Discovery Channel guys. They've won a ton of races this year, including the Giro and the Tour, and you can hardly scoff at that.