Monday, August 08, 2005

More Good News

Yesterday I rode another very successful Sunday group ride, getting a huge breakaway with a Cat 3 racer from Team Louisville. After the turnaround on River Road, we took turns setting a high pace and suddenly realized we'd dropped the two guys that were with us earlier. The two of us stayed together the rest of the ride, just up until the last two turns, where I took off at the fastest clip I could and sprinted to the parking lot several seconds ahead of my break partner.

As we waited for the next couple of guys to reach us---some ten minutes later, it turned out---Mr. Cat 3 and I talked about the differences between racing in Cat 5 and Cat 3, and what I should expect in the next couple of seasons. He told me not to worry about winning, since I'd probably be doing a lot of it in Cat 5. I don't know about all that, but I definitely hope he's right.

All I know for sure, though, is that I'm constantly improving and my training is really paying off.