Friday, February 24, 2006

Bike Talk = No No

What I find really surprising about the bike racing scene in Louisville is the fact that hardly anyone really talks about bikes. You can ride for three hours in a group of twenty racers and maybe once hear someone say something specifically bike-related.

Usually someone asks somebody else if they like their new Six13 more than their old R5000. Or if they prefer the old Ksyriums to the new ones. Generally speaking, though, very little discussion is had regarding equipment.

The vast majority of talk revolves around training methods, race results, attractive females within view, careers and employment, automobiles, name it, anything but bikes. In Louisville, outside of the various bike shops, bikes don't get talked about.

Having ridden in other cities with other groups of racers, I find the lack of obsessive bike geeks in Louisville very interesting. Not that I mind it, since I'm way too broke to be a true bike nerd---I prefer chit chat about pace lines and hill repeats, for sure.