Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's Go Time

My season-opening race is Sunday, and I'm feeling much better than last I wrote. I've had a couple of excellent 3+ hour rides since then as well as some decent interval sessions. My legs feel pretty good, and my aerobic conditioning is improving.

I'm still considering the race merely as a training exercise. I'll cruise with the group all the way to the end. I don't believe any of my teammates are going with the intention of winning---unless they have a great day or get some luck---so the course will be a simple warm-up to my real goal: The Kentuckiana Spring Series.

After Sunday we get a weekend off until the opening Spring Series race in La Grange, where my dad lives. Coincidentally, the race is also on my birthday this year. While I'd love to take home a win the same day I turn 27, I'm not going to blow my legs trying anything stupid. It's so early in the season at this point that anything more than a smart, restrained effort is just dumb. Top 5 would be ideal, and that's my real goal. Winning will just have wait at this point.

As for this Sunday, the weather will be cold but clear, so conditions won't be too terrible. Wish me luck.