Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Today was "low duration high intensity" training, which always means sprints and jumps. I warmed up for twenty minutes around the Seneca Park loop and then began the first of five full-on sprints. My legs felt super strong today and I had no problem winding it up to 30 mph while seated, then jumping out of the saddle and pumping as hard as my little toothpick legs could handle. First sprint max speed: 36 mph in 53x12. Not terrible for a guy who has zero sprinting talent and "ballerina" legs.

Each interval was consistent in duration (15-20 seconds) and maximum speed (35-36 mph) which means I never lost power output during the workout. That's the goal. Even after five intervals I wasn't totally wasted, and still having some life left in my legs I finished the day with an easy 20 minute spin through the neighborhood. Very nice recovery overall.

I'm feeling good about this weekend. First is the downtown crit on Saturday, which is a 4/5 race for 500 bucks. That's the most money we lowly local Cat 4s have raced for all year. Then on Sunday it's the Cherokee Park race, which will likely prove to be a leg-buster despite only being 30 minutes long. The Cat 4 field doesn't look that strong according to the pre-registry list, so chances for a high finish seem very good at this point. We'll see. At least I know the course.

Now I rest, then a couple hours out tomorrow for endurance. I better find some pasta to eat.