Sunday, May 28, 2006

Know Your Limits

I've really increased my endurance this year. I can go hard three or four days in a row without serious weakness, whereas last year just two straight days of high intensity and/or long duration would wear me out completely.

That said, I'm still no stage racer.

I've ridden every day for the past ten, with a couple of good recovery rides thrown in the mix. But with multiple 3+ hour rides on top of high-intensity climbing and sprinting intervals throughout that ten day period, my legs are getting pretty fatigued. Yesterday, during another 3+ hour ride, I started to feel it.

I forgot how nice a full day off the bike can be. Sometimes you just have to climb off and recharge the tanks---the worse thing I could do is over-train with two major objectives of my racing season just around the corner. Know your limits, and always train AND rest with them in mind.