Friday, June 15, 2007

Hitting Close To Home

I'm still on the recovery path from my knee as it slowly heals. I'm not riding outside yet, but my trainer efforts in the gym are now fairly long and intense.

But as I improve, others in the local cycling community have also fallen prey to serious injury. A teammate of mine crashed during a training ride and broke her pelvis. Another teammate crashed hard in a race and had to seek medical attention for serious back pain. Worst of all, a long-time riding buddy of mine (from another local team) was struck by a car and seriously injured. He's stable and fully functional, but has sustained numerous broken bones and deep lacerations that will take surgery to repair.

My dislocated knee and subsequent surgery don't seem so serious anymore. To everyone I've ridden with who is now laid low by injuries worse than mine, I wish you all speedy recoveries and a quick return to the bike.