Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Close Shave For Charity

Please join Team Bolla in the fight against childhood cancer!

On March 18, 2007, members of the Team Bolla cycling team will be raising money and shaving their heads as part of the annual St. Baldrick's Day charity event to fight cancer in children. We've already raised a fair amount of money---and grown a fair amount of hair---but we need your help!

Our goal is to raise $20,000 this year, and only through generous donations by people like you can we do so.

To help us reach our goal, please go to Team Bolla's St. Baldrick's Foundation team page and follow the link called "Donate Online". If you would rather donate offline, there is a form you can download as well. Any amount will help!

Reach out and help children in need by donating today! Thanks!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Testing The Legs

I did as expected in the team's time trial test today as we prepare for the race season. I finished back in the pack with an adequate 19:02 for a hilly, windy 6-mile course. The best score for the men at this point is 17:35. Considering my training has been relatively reserved so far as I slowly build up to my big targets in the late spring and early summer, I'm not doing too shabby.

The entire team ride today (including time trial) was a very-cold 50 miles. The temperature, predicted to reach the 50s, barely cracked the 40s and the wind never died down. The legs were in bad shape by the end, but that's what I get for actually putting some effort into the TT.

All in all not a bad day on the bike. I guess I better go clean it now, since I can barely see the chain and the cables are all caked in dirt and road salt. Mmmmm...tasty.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Last Minute Prep

For Team Bolla (version 2.0), the season starts March 3rd with the L'Esprit road race in Oldham County, KY. L'Esprit is the opening race of the annual Kentuckiana Spring Training Series, a local favorite.

The weather has finally improved and the temperatures are hovering between 45 and 50 on most days now. That's a good sign. With any luck we'll be spared major thunderstorms.

However, with my main target races not until May, June and July (specifically the LMPD crit in June and the Madison crit in July), I'll simply be working on my fitness during the Spring Series, and trying to help the team wherever possible. Since we'll be lining up for the Cat 3/4 races, we'll definitely have our work cut out for us, just like last year. This region always boasts a super-strong field of Cat 3s. Not wanting to name any names, there are definitely some infamous sandbaggers among that group. But such is life.

Hopefully I can keep from getting dropped in the first couple of races. After that, I should be fine, and then it's all systems go once the heat arrives.

Should be fun. Wish us luck.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"Winter" is spelled S-U-C-K