Monday, July 25, 2005

I Totally Agree

PezCyclingNews has the best summation of this year's Tour I've read so far:

As this had all the makings of and even the potential to be as exciting as other “Retirement” parties, the 2005 Tour tried to “spice” things up a bit with a special course and Prologue. Rather than being over in the first 10 days, this Tour was over in the first 20 minutes…

“Who’s it going to be this year?” was the question on everyone’s mind, and it almost lasted a half day! In the end (barring an accident) it came down to a simple math problem. Take the power to weight ratios from the Prologue and the very instant Lance passed Jan on Day One, this thing was in the hamper… If not for Vino trying to kick what ever ass was placed in front of him, it might not have seemed like a bike race at all.

Read the whole thing. It's funny, and dead on. If Lance never tries The (Athlete's) Hour Record, he'll let everyone down, for sure.