Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mid-Week Training

Today was my high-intensity training day as I warm up for the next race on the calendar, L'Esprit Road Race in La Grange, KY. La Grange is just outside of Louisville, so it won't be the long drive we faced last weekend.

I'm excited about this race, not only because it's the opening race of the Kentuckiana Spring Series (very popular among local racers), but also because it's on my birthday and in the town where my dad lives. I'd love to win it, but I won't get ahead of myself. After all, I'm racing in the 3/4 race and I'm still technically a Cat 5.

In an effort to prepare, I did a series of tempo intervals, sprints and high-cadence jumps, and made sure to jack as many of the hills I could. In two and a half hours I covered just under 50 miles and felt strong the whole time. I'm really starting to see the benefits of the base miles I rode in January and February, because I'm not getting winded anymore and my heart rate is staying steady and lower than before. More power at a lower heart rate is a very good thing.

Tomorrow I have a long, steady endurance ride (minus the crazy stuff) followed by a light recovery cruise on Friday in preparation for the race. Saturday's weather is looking fairly mild and sunny, so I won't be struggling to stay warm like last Sunday. Should be a lot of fun.