Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Kind Of Building You Don't Live In

So far, April has been a fairly dull month for racing, at least for me. The only race I did in April was the Ceraland crit/circuit race up in Columbus, IN. Other than that, I've been training hard.

I'm off again this weekend, so today I'll be doing a long ride with much climbing of the hills. I'm building toward a really big May, with races every weekend including the Da Vinci Crit and RR in the New Albany area and the big Memorial Weekend stage race down in Tennessee. I had two top-5s last year at Da Vinci, and though I'll be racing a Category higher this year, I'd definitely like to continue my "dominance" of those races. I've had mediocre results this year and it's time for a good showing.

So lots of intensity, lots of hill repeats, lots of protein ingestion and lots of rest. Hopefully it will all add up to me winning a race this year.