Friday, April 06, 2007

The Road To Recovery Part 1

After three days of lying around the house in pain with a giant, softball-sized left knee, I finally visited the orthopedist. After looking at it for about two seconds, the doctor decided to drain the fluid from my kneecap. He took out about a pint of a tasty mix of fluid and blood with the largest needle I've ever seen. It felt great.

My knee is now considerably smaller, and until the lidocaine wears off, a lot less painful. I've got an MRI scheduled for this coming Tuesday morning to finally see the extent of the damage I've done to myself, and to determine if I'll need surgery. The final word on that will come on my follow-up appointment scheduled for Monday, April 16.

So I've still got a while before I know for sure how bad my knee is and how long it will take to recover, but at least the recovery ball is now rolling.

I just hope my whole racing season isn't shot. That would suck.