Saturday, May 20, 2006

My Racing Birthday

Today marks the first year anniversary of my illustrious amateur bike racing career. Today I'll be racing in the annual Da Vinci Fest in "downtown" New Albany, which was the site of my first ever bike race almost exactly one year ago today. I finished fourth in the Cat. 5 race in a field of 25.

This year, though, the fields are much larger, the competition is much stronger and the racing more dangerous. The Da Vinci crit features a fast, sharp downhill right turn that always gives everyone the jitters. I like technical, frequently-turning courses like this one, but a lot of guys panic at the thought of changing direction while going fast. Hopefully everyone can stay upright.

I'm doing the 4/5 race first and then finishing the day as pack fodder in the 3/4 race (judging by the strength of the pre-registered riders). My legs feel good and the weather is fantastic, so hopefully all goes well.

Wish me luck.